WordPress Training

WordPress Training Online

When: Monday to Friday (must schedule with trainer)

Goal: To build your own simple website in a day alongside a professional instructor
Where: Online via Teams
For who: This workshop is for any business owner, student, or hobbyist who wants to learn how to build websites with WordPress. This is an introduction course. No prior coding knowledge is required.
With who: WordPress expert and Professor – and owner/operator of NOBLWeb.ca – Nick Latreille will be teaching and working with you to build your own website with WordPress. In a single day, you will have built a completely functional website on your very own domain, you will understand all the lingo, and feel confident maintaining your content.

Nick Latreille
Nick Latreille

Real Client Testimonial!

“We wanted a new website and Nick helped us instrumentality. Always available, patient and kind, Nick was able to accommodate our needs. We’re a CHEO program so having a great website is important for our youth, families and stakeholders. We highly recommend him as the job gets done professionally and with pride.”
-Mary Alexandrou, CHEO YouthNet

Why: Why pay thousands of dollars to build a simple website when you can learn how to do it yourself? The world is quickly becoming more and more digital. Don’t fall behind! For a fraction of the price, you will learn to use WordPress, customize your personal theme or template, import and modify your content, and more. Save time and money by becoming a WordPress pro!
What to expect: Be prepared to build a full website. This class is not a boring theory class with endless PowerPoint slides. This is hands-on learning experience in which we will build your real website together.
Price: $600.00+HST per registrant


  • About the class
  • Quick WordPress introduction
  • Choosing a theme
  • Installing the basic plugins
  • Adjusting the WordPress settings
  • Creating pages and blog posts
  • Editing content
  • Shortcodes (how to insert plugin functionality in WordPress pages)
  • Creating a navigation menu
  • Widgets
  • Customizing your theme
  • Design considerations: imagery, fonts, colors
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO): How to rank your website in Google
  • Keeping your website safe from hackers and spam
  • What’s next? How to maintain your website long-term
  • Outro


About WordPress:

WordPress is the best website builder because of its popularity, intuitive features, scalability, and ease of use.

With WordPress, you will have complete control over your website as opposed to other builders that restrict you to building inside their environment.

Unlike other website builders, you will require your own hosting account to host your own website. Setting this up is super easy! Anyone can be up-and-going in minutes.

WordPress lets users of any skill level build different kinds of websites, like eCommerce stores, social networks, membership forums, personal portfolios, corporate informational website, and more. It offers limitless design possibilities with thousands of beautiful pre-coded templates for you to choose from (you can even make your own!), and millions of plugins to customize your sites. Think of plugins as WordPress apps – simple, one-click downloadable programs that add specific functionality to your website.

WordPress also offers many options to translate your website into different languages.

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