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5 Steps to Designing Effective Business Websites

Designing Business Websites How can your business grow its online presence? By creating a website that acts more like a powerful business tool than an informational pamphlet. No, I’m not talking about a DIY website from Squarespace or Wix, but rather a real, well-crafted web design that captures the audience and lets them interact with […]

March 12, 2018 Web Design Nick Latreille no Comments
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a website is like a car

How Often Should I Re-design My Website?

Why Does Web Design Become Outdated? A new website can take your company into new territory. Today, it’s become common knowledge that most people go straight to the internet for research and even now, purchasing. If your business has a terribly outdated or non-functional website, you most certainly are losing tons of leads and potential […]

March 6, 2018 Web Design Nick Latreille no Comments
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real photo of orphan

Is the Internet Ready for Real Photography?

Choosing an impactful image for the homepage banner of a website is no easy task. Sure, there’s many reliable stock-image repositories to choose from, and if you work for a digital or creative agency, you probably have access to some of them. What should be a top-of-mind issue for the client, however, usually isn’t. Most […]

February 20, 2018 Web Design Nick Latreille no Comments
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Why Installing Too Many Plugins Can Hurt Your SEO Rankings

WordPress plugins can be amazing. They help developers, designers and business owners alike by saving time and money. High-quality plugins like Yoast SEO, All-in-one SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, or Advanced Custom Fields can turn a simple website into a powerhouse. On the other hand, having too many plugins will undoubtedly wear your site down, […]

April 21, 2017 Web Marketing Nick Latreille no Comments
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wordpress website maintenance ottawa

WordPress Website Maintenance in Ottawa

Since WordPress powers almost 30% of the entire web, keeping it safe, secure and up-to-date should always be top-of-mind, since it makes the open-source platform a popular target for all sorts of pesky trouble-makers. The best way to protect yourself, your business and your product is to regularly maintain your website, like you would a […]

April 7, 2017 Website Maintenance Nick Latreille no Comments
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