WordPress Maintenance & Updates in Ottawa

WordPress maintenance oftens falls to the back-burner. After launching your new website, the hype always slows down and businesses sometimes forget to check-in once in while to make sure the WordPress version and all their plugins are up-to-date.

wordpress maintenance ottawa

Did you know that famous websites like the New-York Times, People Magazine, and Forbes all run on WordPress? That’s right! WordPress powers roughly thirty percent of websites online at the time of writing. But keep in mind that no one is immune to hacking, or too big to fail. Have you ever heard of The Panama Papers? Well, the leak happened because of an outdated Slider Revolution plugin.

Hacking has increased ten-fold in the last few years, so keeping your website safe should never be an after-thought. Some organizations just don’t have the time, and some just aren’t aware of the dangers that exist from never maintaining your site. Common attacks on websites include: installing viruses or malware, injecting bad ads on certain pages, stealing personal information, or disruption of service. NOBL are experts in identifying potential threats before they become issues and can therefore keep you safe. Invest in maintenance before it’s too late.

WordPress Maintenance Services Typically Include:

  • WordPress plugin updates
  • New version updates
  • WordPress theme edits
  • Website security checks
  • Weekly or Monthly back-ups
  • Website training and on-going support
  • Content insertion or editing
  • Uploading new images
  • Adding new blog posts / WordPress pages
  • Minor Search Engine Optimization tweaks
  • Fixing broken code
  • and more!

The WordPress Maintenance Process

We sell a pre-paid block of hours that covers any of the above-mentioned services and these hours never expire, so you can use them at anytime. We usually provide assistance within a day or two, or right away for emergencies.

If your business needs help keeping its WordPress safe, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Contact us today!

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