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Web Design in Ottawa

With a proven web design process that starts with planning and structuring of information, NOBL crafts amazing web designs that help businesses grow. From small companies to large enterprises, NOBL can help create stunning websites. This will not only help you make money or get more conversions but will also reflect who you are as a business and help your company’s digital presence blossom. These websites are not just based on simple themes; they are well researched, well-thought, artistic representations of your business.

Web Design is not a simple process and it shouldn’t be treated as such. NOBL always takes the time to do a strategic analysis of you and your competition. Then, we do an audit of your content and URLs, followed by a sitemap and whole information architecture. Understanding the content and the structure is a key aspect of web design. Once we have a firm grasp of all the pieces, we start creating the WordPress website.

Why use WordPress for Web Development?

WordPress is easily the most popular Content Management System and it’s also the easiest for clients to learn and use while managing and updating their content. WordPress is the underlying force behind 75 million web sites, and that represents anywhere between twenty-five to thirty-five percent of all sites online today. This powerful CMS uses the perfect structure that allows complete and total customization, so you can get exactly what you need for your businesses website. It has all the functionality of a blog, and e-commerce store and more, and is great for SEO and speed optimization.

NOBL knows how to use WordPress to optimize your website, so you can get the best possible rankings and more conversions. More users, more traffic and more sales means more money!

Web Design Solutions

Our approach is research first, then we tackle web design second. We want to make a good first impression and that takes careful considerations, such as targeting the right audience, using the right branding and even having the right style. We will never design based on personal preference, always with the user in mind.

We apply the classic web design principles to every project. Great typography/fonts, relevant colours, stunning images, intuitive layouts, contrast, headings and above all simplicity and usability. At the end of the day, you want the user to be able to find what he is looking for. The true measure of quality web design is when both the owner of the website and the user get exactly what they want.

Web Design Services

All web design projects include:
• Site audit and information architecture
• Optimized user experience
• Quality design of every necessary template, like the Homepage, a sample inside page, blog templates, etc.
• Responsive Website Design – a design that adapts to every screen

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